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How it All Works

Anyone can nominate an individual for induction into the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame. Forms are available in the program book, may be obtained from Board Members , can be found at the annual induction banquet or here on our website.

January - March Nomination and Screening

The HOF Screening Committee spends the first 3 months of the year reviewing existing folders of previous nominees and new suggestions submitted over the past 12 months. Background folders with supporting documentation must be on file for a person to placed on the ballot.

April - Full Board Review

In April, the Screening Committee presents a docket of between 25 and 40 names to the full HOF Board of Directors for Review. Two meetings are held in April and the list is pared down to approximately 25 names. These names are placed on the official ballot.

May - Ballots Mailed to Voting Life Members

In Early May, the ballots are mailed along with an informational document to all voting members. Voting members include all current and past Board of Directors, past inductees and all Life Members of the Bay County Sports Hall of Fame.

June - Ballots Counted

In a special meeting in June, Board members gather returned ballots mailed in by the voters and count them to determine who will be inducted.

July - Inductees Notified

In July, the top vote getters are notified by the Board of Directors and asked if they will accept.

Aug/Sep - Bay City Times

The Hall of Fame Board of Directors meets with the Sports Editor or representative of the Bay City Times and sets a schedule for photographs and weekly Sunday profiles of all elected inductees.

Sep/Oct - Banquet Preparation

Master of Ceremonies, Music, Ticket Sales, Program Advertising Sales, Plaques and Banquet Room Preparation are all organized during this time frame.

October - The Induction Banquet

The HOF Induction banquet is held each year on the first Sunday  in October.


Where To Find Us

Our Purpose

1. Select Candidates & Inductees
Establish & maintain a site for the Bay County Sports HOF

2. Solicit & Acquire Money, Gifts & Grants
To support the activities of the Board of Directors & the Sports Hall of Fame

3. Sponsor, Arrange & Promote Annual Awards Banquet
To honor new inductees into the Bay County Sports HOF

(As stated in the Bay County Sports HOF By-laws - Article II -- May 1990)

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